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2011-08-08 20:47:12 by tetris11

Submitted an alpha on a little game I started working on the weekend...


2007-11-02 13:19:59 by tetris11

Motorfight. Think of all the over-the-top action movies with guns, bikes, choppers, and combat. Now mix them into a sequence with a kick-ass soundtrack in under 2 mins.

See Motorfight for yourself, and enjoy.

Note: No mechanics were injured in the making of this flash. Only stuntmen. But no one really cares about them.


New development

2007-10-31 15:52:46 by tetris11

Again, I've done a little bit more work on superDude and Motorfight is almost finished. Also the asteroid game is coming along a bit better [except for the small fact that Flash can't process exp functions very well].

Also, I've started work on a new project at the moment called "hack'n'slash", and basically the player controls the leg movement of the player, and the mouse controls the circling and lunging movements of the arms which are carrying a huge sword. Enemies are now several movie clipped limbs, meaning that, specifically, you could be able to chop their limbs off or their heads. But these enemies need to be huge.

Also, loved the new Avatar episodes! Roku and Sozin's stories were done so well, and it was cool to see what a real avatar could do in his prime. But I gotta say I miss combustion man's old name. "Sparky-Sparky Boom Man" just has a nicer ring to it, don'tcha think?

New development


2007-10-21 10:23:38 by tetris11

Same a s my old post, but hav slightly developed all projects by roughly 1 frame, or 10 lines of coding.
Recently: I've been watching Avatar! and it is truly an amazing show. Though this season isnt as good as the last two, it still rules!


Currently woking on...

2007-10-07 05:32:21 by tetris11

Finishing off a pointless stick figure shooting animation that needs a good soundtrack and special effects (and a better ending).

I'm also working on a game called SuperDude, where you take control of a flying superhero who ...happens to have a gun... and you have to protect a train from groovy disco ninja's, toy helicopters, and guys in jet packs.. also with guns...

Another project is a slightly more elegant Rocket game, where all you will have to do is avoid asteroids. But it's damn hard to control, and I can't get lineTo trails to fade after a certain amount of frames...(help required)

but apart from that life's good. Just started uni (studying Msci Astrophysics) and should get new mechanical formula's to simulate a gravity space type game in the future.